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And that graphic novel with Ten and the Daleks by Justin Richards that was supposed to come out last fall but was shelved? Also alive and kicking! *dances* Details and new pic behind the cut! )
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And... here's the covers (finally!) for the first slate of Eleven novels, plus the cover for The TARDIS Handbook, courtesty of Blogtor Who!

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Jan. 10th, 2010 10:57 am
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The latest slate of Eleven books (for July release) has been announced:

Adorable Illusion, by Gary Russell
The King's Dragon, by Una McCormack, and
Nuclear Time, by Oli Smith.

There's no covers yet, for these or for the April slate (and no, I'm not bitter at all about the sudden slew of books when there were NO TEN BOOKS AT ALL in December).

And - DT has written the forward message for the insert in the DVD specials boxset - I won't repost, as I've already seen in three different places on my friends list, but if you haven't seen? Go find.

Also, we're just a few minutes away from the NBC executive session at the TCA winter press tour - I'm hoping there will be an announcement in regards to Rex, but even if there's not, it should be interesting.

EDIT: Per various twitter sources, NBC execs will be watching a cut of the Rex pilot tomorrow evening, and a decision as to whether or not to fastrack the show as a Leno replacement vs a fall airing of the pilot will be made at that point.


Jan. 8th, 2010 09:53 am
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Looks like we'll be finding out the canon identity of one of the characters in The End of Time in The Writer's Tale: The Final Chapter. *waits impatiently*

Spoilers if you haven't yet seen 'End of Time' behind the cut! )
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I'm a bit surprised no one's posted about this yet whilst I was away last week, but here's a list of upcoming stuffs, mostly for Eleven, but there's also one more new-ish item for Ten.

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Sep. 12th, 2009 11:05 am
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Cover for DWM #413 behind the cut. )
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Much like with the 2010 Storybook, it looks as though we might be getting a different cover than the one previously advertised.

Pics behind the cut! )


Jul. 7th, 2009 11:20 am
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Apparently there's going to be a new and improved version of RTD's The Writer's Tale coming out for next year... here's Amazon's blurb:

For this extensively revised and updated paperback edition, Russell T Davies and Benjamin Cook continue their candid and in-depth correspondence to take in work on the last of Russell's 2009 specials - and the end of David Tennant's era as The Doctor - while also looking back to the achievements of the first three seasons. With over 300 pages of all-new material, including new photos and original artwork, The Writer's Tale is a fitting tribute to Russell T Davies' phenomenal achievement in bringing Doctor Who back for a new generation of fans.

So... right now this is listed in a paperback version only, which is going to be a truly massive tome if there's 300+ pages added... hrm. The release date is currently listed as January 21st, 2010, presumably after all of the specials have aired.

Links to preorder:

Amazon UK:
Amazon US:
Book Depository: Nothing at the time of this post.


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