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The latest issue of DWM Magazine has the episode titles for Series 4 of The Sarah Jane Adventures - putting these behind a cut in case you'd rather not know.... )

Oh Look!

Feb. 16th, 2010 01:21 pm
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For those of you who are fans of RTD's DW scripts, another one has been made available. The script for Smith and Jones is currently at the BBC Writer's Room, along with several other great shows, including the first ep of Life on Mars.

Link here:

The script for Phil Ford's 'The Sarah Jane Adventures' episode (both parts), Prisoner of the Judoon can be found here:


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Digital spy has pretty much the play-by-play for next week's SJA eps with DT. MAJOR SPOILERS, obviously. There's also two new promo pics, with casting spoilers, of course.

Link here:

And just a note on #10 - I'm pretty sure I know what those last words are.

I'm sure there'll be spoilers a plenty in any comments for this entry, so click with caution.

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Is up at Den of Geek:

Warning for the massive spoilers, obviously! I'll try to snag some in a bit if they don't turn up on the official sites.

EDIT: Here we go. has some of them. Much love for the last one.

And Week 45 is now up at the BBC Press Office - still no mention of Waters of Mars. *sighs* Well, at least it won't be on while I'm away on November 7th....

SJA Update

Oct. 8th, 2009 12:08 pm
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The BBC Press office has released the synopsis and casting details for the DT eps of SJA, and oh, are they spoilery!

Linkie here if you want to take a look (Warning for MASSIVE SPOILERS for the SJA eps within!):
And here, at the Press Office homepage:

There's still no word on a Waters of Mars airdate, but we should know next week if it will be airing on Halloween, at least.

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Well, it's not much of an update, really, but word on the street (via io9) is that SJA will be serving as a 'launchpad' for the new Doctor Who animated series Dreamland, according to the series' head writer, Phil Ford.

Apparently there's some events in the first story of SJA Series 3 that will have a direct link to Dreamland - so it will not be broadcast until later October (after October 16th). I have no idea how this might affect the airdate for WoM, but apparently there's six separate short parts to Dreamland that would be available via the BBC's red button initially, but would be combined for an actual separate broadcast at a later date. Link with some spoilers for SJA here:


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