Dec. 5th, 2009 03:08 am
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For those in the LA area, DT is reportedly filming Rex today, from 4am to 8pm (Pacific Time) in the Bank of America Center, 333 S. Hope St.

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For those in the US, note that BBC America has scheduled a little something special (Thank you Julie Gardner!) on December 19th (all times Eastern):

5:30pm: DW: The Next Doctor
6:45pm: DW: Planet of the Dead

***8:00pm: DW: Inside the TARDIS
One-hour special chronicling David Tennant's time in the TARDIS. Through
exclusive interview footage and clips from earlier episodes, revisit the Doctor's
history and get a sneak peek at what the final series of specials holds in store
for him.***

9:00pm: DW: The Waters of Mars (US Premiere)
10:20pm: DW Inside Look - pt 1
10:30pm: Graham Norton DW Special #2 (This looks like a cutdown of DT's recent visit to the show)
11:00pm: DW: Inside the TARDIS (repeat)

All shows repeat in the wee hours of 12/20 until 5am, for the night owls out there.


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Just to keep my head on straight and not forget anything, I made a handy list for first-run stuffs! Feel free to add anything I'm missing.

List of Stuffs Behind the Cut! )
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Here's some more stuffs to add to the upcoming Tennantpalooza at Christmas time. Thanks to David_Tennant on twitter for the link!

And... Happy Birthday Doctor Who!!!

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Per david_tennant on twitter:

CONFIRMED Tonight David Tennant and Catherine Tate filmed Alan Carr's Chatty Man (for broadcast 29/12).

Geez, there's going to be a MAJOR Tennantpalooza around Christmas, isn't there? So far, there's DW (of course), Hamlet, QI, NMTB and this - I could swear I'm still missing something....

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And it looks like what we had on Monday was indeed just a preview. Episode summary spoilers within! )


Oct. 30th, 2009 02:15 pm
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From SciFi Wire:

October 30, 2009 -The BBC today announced the imminent arrival of the final Doctor Who episodes starring David Tennant as the Doctor. Television's longest running science fiction series, shot in HD, has just three episodes to go before a new Doctor arrives on screen next year.
The next special, Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars airs on BBC AMERICA, Saturday December 19, 9:00pm ET/PT.


The BBC will release The Waters of Mars and the two-part finale on DVD and Blu-ray, Tuesday, February 2, 2010. Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead is already available on DVD and Blu-ray. Releasing on February 2 are:

* Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars - DVD SRP: $14.98/BD SRP: $19.89

* Two-part special (2-disc release) - DVD SRP: $24.98 / BD SRP: $29.99

* Doctor Who: Specials Collection (5-disc release) - DVD SRP: $49.98 / BD SRP: $59.99 - contains The Next Doctor, Planet of the Dead, Waters of Mars and the two-part finale

Source here:

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DT on twitter is reporting that Dreamland makes its online debut... Monday!



Oct. 30th, 2009 06:08 am
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DT has apparently just announced on Radio 5 Live that WoM will air on Sunday, Nov 15th at 7pm - haven't listened yet to confirm, though. It's still not up at the BBC Press office homepage as of 12pm UK time.

EDIT: Apparently he announced it this morning on GMTV as well... *goes to look*

EDIT the second: CONFIRMED!

EDIT the third: Digital Spy has their usual 'Ten Things' post-press launch post - warning for the massive spoilers within, obviously! Anyone want to take a crack at #7 in the comments?

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The BBC Press Office has just updated for the week of Nov. 14 - 20th....

There's still no sign of Waters of Mars.


EDIT: The copy info listed for CiN on Nov. 20 is the same - ie an 'exclusive preview of the DW Christmas Special' is to be shown.


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