Aug. 29th, 2010 06:07 am
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I know it's been talked about for some time, but it looks like it's finally happened - the next series of DW is to be split into two halves in 2011 - for spring and fall transmission, plus a Christmas Special!

Source here:

UPDATE: Moffat is referring to this now as not being a 'split', rather as Series 6 in the spring, and Series 7 in the fall, with Series 6 having 7 episodes and Series 7 having 6.



Jan. 8th, 2010 09:53 am
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Looks like we'll be finding out the canon identity of one of the characters in The End of Time in The Writer's Tale: The Final Chapter. *waits impatiently*

Spoilers if you haven't yet seen 'End of Time' behind the cut! )

Aw, Man!

Oct. 7th, 2009 12:59 pm
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Do they really have to restrict this to children ages 6 - 12? I could have so much fun with this. *mopes*

*eyes her 7 and 9 year old children*

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It would appear that some damage control might be going on?

Hrm. I don't think that helped.

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and I *am* working on 'Not Here' - really! But in the meantime, here's some more spin on the possibility of a DW movie, all based on comments made by Steven Moffat at the Edinburgh Television Festival last Saturday.

Cut for possible spoilers.... )

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Will be away for the next two weeks starting tomorrow morning - visiting the motherlands and Chicago (for a conference). Internet access may be spotty at best. The in-laws are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary, and their vows renewal will be essentially like another wedding - and I have the dress to prove it! Fortunately, I can wear it to the gala dinner thing in Chicago as well.

Anyway, will be packing for essentially three trips today - halp!

And a little blurb I came across this morning from the Moff in regards to Series 5: no spoilers, really, but behind the cut just in case. )


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