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More work on Steampunk!Ten tonight - the uber-talented Blair Shedd of IDW's DW: Ongoing will be coloring in the flats on the Steampunk!Ten inks from the other night, live streaming to start between 8:30 - 9:00 EDT (approximate). DO NOT MISS! :)

Link here:

He's also having a sale on commissions! What are you waiting for? Go get one for yourself! Details here:


EDIT II: And done! That was really cool. ;)

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Is streaming live right now - go see! :)

And... it's done. Hopefully there'll be a link up to the video soon.

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Go to about 13 minutes 15 seconds for the start of Sad!Ten. *grins*

The artist is Blair Shedd, the amazingly fantastic illustrator for IDW's DW Ongoing Series issues 9 - 12. He's also on Twitter - if you're a fan of the comics and you're not following him already, what are you waiting for?


Jul. 28th, 2010 08:56 am
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I haven't been posting lately on upcoming releases as much due to perceived lack of interest, but here's one more than a few of you might have been waiting for. This is scheduled for release on September 20th. :)

Also, I'm thinking about starting to post bee!fic starting this fall after I get back from the UK, but I'm down a few betas and could really use another set of eyes on it, 'cause I am notorious for silly little mistakes. It's a Ten II/Rose, set pretty much right after the end of 'Moments', and has more than a few of the Torchwood characters in it. Also, be warned, there's a non-con element to it. Any takers?

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And that graphic novel with Ten and the Daleks by Justin Richards that was supposed to come out last fall but was shelved? Also alive and kicking! *dances* Details and new pic behind the cut! )
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I'm a bit surprised no one's posted about this yet whilst I was away last week, but here's a list of upcoming stuffs, mostly for Eleven, but there's also one more new-ish item for Ten.

Lots of things behind the cut! )

Comic News

Aug. 24th, 2009 08:40 am
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There's no 5-page preview today for IDW's one-shot, Cold Blooded War, to be released this Wednesday, but I did manage to grab a pic of the RI cover a few weeks ago. That and a preview pic from 'Black Death, White Life' behind the cut. No spoilers. )

Comic News

Aug. 22nd, 2009 02:11 pm
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Again, I'm not sure how much the comics storyline tie in with Ten's last specials (if at all), but this didn't look too spoilery to me. If you're wanting to avoid any possibility of spoilers, though, prolly best to avoid. Info and pic for DWO #5 behind the cut. )
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Much like with the 2010 Storybook, it looks as though we might be getting a different cover than the one previously advertised.

Pics behind the cut! )
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Because I'm too lazy to do a proper cut right now, io9's review is here:

IDW's DW: Room With a Deja View is due out on 7/22.


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